Care & Aftercare

Care Instruction:

In the first 2 days

– Do not get the lash extension wet.

– Do not steam face, use steam bath, swim, wash face with hot water, or tan.

– Avoid touching your lashes.

– Avoid wearing make up around the eye area

Swimming, Jacuzzi, Sauna and Exercises

– Glue dissolves faster when exposed to salt water ( sweat, sea water..etc ) and chlorine water (swimming pool, Jacuzzi tubs and sauna).

– Avoid using sauna and avoid getting your lashes wet when swimming in the ocean, pools and Jacuzzi.

– When exposed to these elements, raise lashes with fresh & cool water as soon as possible.

– Rinse even after a walk on the beach.

Maintenance and Aftercare

– Use antibacterial Soap ( Dial Foaming Soap ) to clean lashes twice daily after the first 2 days and pat lashes dry.

– Use a dry mascara wand to comb out lashes daily.

– Use only oil-free cosmetics for your makeup and avoid using waterproof cosmetics.

– Do schedule a touch up session every 2-3 weeks to maintain the lashes.


– If irritation occurs and continues, wash your lashes even within 2 days.

– Use Dial Anti- Bacterial Hand Wash (foam) and wash the affected areas around your eyes and pat dry after washing.

– Apply hydrocortisone cream for itching to the infected area.

– Use Visine with antihistamine for redness and burning.

– On the next visit, be sure to mention it to your stylist and ask for sensitive glue ( note that extensions only last for only ~ 2 weeks when using sensitive glue).